New V8 sterndrive rated at 1750hp billed as most powerful engine.

Two new VHF radios designed to complement Garmin marine systems.

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Smaller versions of Garmin solid state pulse compression radar now available.

New low cost LED lighting solution aimed at marine businesses.

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Software upgrades and new features for fishing, cruising and sailing electronics.

New S5100 sonar module offers three simultaneous depth ranges.

New V8 models round out Volvo Penta’s petrol engine line-up.

Fusion adds larger 8.8 inch model to marine speaker series.

See more on the water, day or night, with new screens and thermal imaging.

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Combined barcode reader, phone and tablet is built for knocks.

Introducing the largest ever product catalogue from BLA for 2017.

Humminbird AutoChart Live update with vegetation and bottom hardness mapping.