Yanmar launches smallest CR diesel engine

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The Yanmar 3JH40, billed as the world's smallest CR diesel engine.
The Yanmar 3JH40, billed as the world's smallest CR diesel engine.

New common rail model suitable for smaller yachts and motor boats.

Marine engine manufacturer Yanmar has introduced what it claims is the world's smallest common rail (CR) diesel engine, the 3JH40 model.

The new engine was launched at the boot Düsseldorf show in Germany earlier this year and, last week, was awarded an Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show in the Inboard Engines category.

The four-stroke, three-cylinder water-cooled 3JH40 has an output of 40mhp, offering minimal fuel consumption and exceptionally low noise and emission levels. The engine surpasses EPA Tier 3 and EU RCD Tier 2 emission regulations for virtually smoke and odour-free operation.

The engine is billed as an ideal solution for new builds and repowering applications, specifically monohull sailing yachts and catamarans up to 45ft, small motor boats or sloops, and light duty commercial craft. Yanmar says the engine's small size will enable owners of smaller leisure boats and commercial vessel operators to enjoy the performance advantages of electronically-managed CR fuel-injection technology.

Weighing 192 kg and with 1.642 litre displacement, the engine can be operated by either standard mechanical cable controls or the Yanmar VC10 electronic control system.

Yanmar has also introduced new engines in its 4LV series of CR engines as well as a new joystick controller.

Following the 2017 introduction of the 150, 170 and 195mhp units in its 4LV series of CR engines, Yanmar has now added two higher power engines, the 230 and 250mhp versions, to complete the five-engine range.

The 3800 rpm 230 and 250mhp models feature an increase in output and different turbo models from the first three 3500rpm units. The new higher power engines have been designed for power recreational boating and small commercial craft applications.

The engines incorporate the latest Yanmar technology to deliver extremely low vibration and noise levels for a smooth and quiet running engine. These include a counterbalance shaft and refined component design. With a class-leading power-to-weight ratio, the 4LV engines are designed to deliver a powerful low-end torque performance.

The CR engine range is complemented by a choice of Yanmar controls, including the new JC20 joystick system. Previewed in 2017, the easy-to-use JC20 is available from February 2018. It enables precise joystick manoeuvring for twin straight shaft drive engine installations in combination with a bow thruster.

The JC20 completes Yanmar's joystick control line up which already includes the 4JH80 SPP (Steerable Propulsion Pod) joystick manoeuvring system for large sailing yachts and the JC10 Joystick for twin stern drive boats, all of which integrate directly with Yanmar engines.

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