Raymarine Wi-Fish app adds Augmented Reality

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Users can now find their waypoints on the water via a 'real' camera view.

Raymarine has introduced all-new version of its Wi-Fish mobile app for use with Dragonfly-PRO and Wi-Fish CHIRP Sonar systems. The new app now includes Augmented Reality (AR) viewing for finding saved waypoints and fishing hot-spots whilst on the water.

Users use their smartphone or tablet to locate their waypoints displayed as an overlay on the live camera feed, giving a 'real' view of where their waypoints are in relation to the water. The app works with the GPS, compass and camera in the device to display the name, symbol, bearing and range to each waypoint, making it easier to find where they are and then navigate towards them.

The app also includes a mapping view which gives a bird’s-eye view of the current location with all the waypoints plotted. Users can then chose their destination and view it on either the map view or AR mode. The app synchronises stored waypoints using the Dragonfly-PRO’s wi-fi connection so that they are always available, even when away from the boat.

The app also includes a new View-Switcher menu with an expanded selection of ways to look at CHIRP DownVision, fish targeting sonar, AR view, map view, and combination views. Users can pause and rewind the sonar as well as capture and share screen shots from their mobile device.

Devices without built-in GPS will still be able to access all of the sonar features of the app but won’t be able to use the AR mode.

The new app is currently only available for use on Apple iPhone and iPad devices; Raymarine says Android versions will be available shortly. The app is free and works with Dragonfly 4-PRO, 5-PRO and 7-PRO models as well as the Wi-Fish wi-fi sonar system.

Dragonfly-PRO owners will also need to update their sonar’s software to version 12.10, available at www.raymarine.com/software.

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