• QUICK X series gyro control - GINEICO
    QUICK X series gyro control - GINEICO

Marine accessory specialist Gineico will return to the Sydney international Boat Show, 1 to 5 August 2019 at Darling Harbour, with the latest array of Italian-made yachting accessories, hardware, pumps, lighting, and deck furniture.

This year’s selection includes an extended range of stainless steel swim ladders with pop-up handles; new Besenzoni helm chairs with integrated boat controls; the latest Idromar fully automatic 316 stainless water makers; a full range of Gianneschi Marine Grade pumps; a big range of LED lighting and LED backlit boat names and the latest superyacht-quality folding deck chairs and folding cockpit tables.

The Quick MC2 X-Series anti-roll gyro stabilizer will again be in the spotlight.

Having proven extremely popular since its Australian launch in May 2018, Gineico will have several boats on the marina which are fitted with one of the Quick Gyros and customers that are happy to show the systems and discuss the performance of these machines.

The Quick MC2X stabilizers replace the traditional horizontal spinning mass and complex water-cooled management system, with a more efficient vertically spinning mass that only needs simple air-cooling.

The vertically spinning mass central to the Quick MC2 X-Series stabilizers uses simple, off-the-shelf bearings on either side that share the load. The weight is evenly shared which means less friction and therefore a machine that reaches operating speeds faster.

The patented design is also approximately 30 percent smaller than other brands of gyro stabilizers on the market. That makes them easier to install in new designs or builds and just as easy to retrofit to exiting vessels.

Gineico Marine has a dedicated YouTube channel where you can see the Quick MC2 X Gyros in action. More at https://gineicomarine.com/quickgyrostabilizer/

Visit the Gineico Stand on the floating Marina at SIBS 2019.

For a preview of Gineico Marine products visit www.gineicomarine.com


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