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New 4.5 litre 4045SFM85 marine engine from John Deere now available for order.

Local John Deere distributor Power Equipment has announced that the 4.5 litre PowerTech 4045SFM85 marine engine is now ready to ship to customers in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

The new engine offers high power-to-weight ratio for repowering and new boat construction, and is said to be ideal for planing and semi-displacement hulls.

“We are excited at being able to supply the new John Deere 4045SFM85 to our marine dealers and customers in this region,” said Mark Butterfield, Power Equipment national marine sales manager.

The engine uses a waste-gated turbocharger to provide more torque capability at the low and middle rpm range, most noticeable during vessel acceleration, and features replaceable cylinder liners, making it possible to rebuild the engine for an extended service life.

Other features include:

  • Standard front fuel service, optional left-hand or right-hand oil filter options for twin engine applications.
  • Upgraded valve train, delivering a 40% increase in power and a 9% reduction in total engine weight for a 53% increase in power density compared to the 4045AFM85 engine.
  • A low-profile heat exchanger that reduces overall height by 4.3cm compared to the 4045AFM85.
  • A water-cooled exhaust manifold that creates a cooler and quieter environment for both passengers and crew.

The 4045SFM85 has two ratings for light-duty commercial vessels, high-speed government applications and pleasure craft: an M4 rating with 205kw (275hp) at 2,600rpm and an M5 rating with 235kw (315hp) at 2,800 rpm.

The engine meets EPA Commercial Marine Tier 3, Recreational Craft Directive II emissions regulations, as well as IMO Tier II standards for commercial and recreational applications.

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