New School delivers plug-and-play energy

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The 7kVA New School modular package.
The 7kVA New School modular package.

New compact modular electrical power system from WhisperPower.

Marine electrical systems manufacturer WhisperPower has launched the New School modular package, a 'plug-and-play' electrical power system for yachts, power boats and small commercial craft.

The package is available in two versions – 7kVA or 14kVA. The 7kVA version comprises a two-cylinder Genverter compact generator, a DC PowerCube charge module, a 7 kVA AC PowerCube inverter and a touchscreen control panel.

The 14kVA package includes a 14 kVA AC PowerCube inverter, a three-cylinder Genverter generator, two DC PowerCube charge stations providing 8.6kW power whilst the Genverter is running and touchscreen control panel. The largest system contains three DC PowerCubes providing 12kW of electrical power.

WhisperPower claims that when using the New School system boaters can run 230 volt heavy loads without the need for a traditional diesel generator on board. The 7 or 14 kVA inverters deliver sufficient energy from the battery (either lithium or lead-acid battery) and when the battery capacity drops below a certain value, the compact Genverter diesel generator replenishes the power.

WhisperPower also supplies a special DC Belt Power alternator system, to be mounted on the propulsion engine, which maintains the battery level whilst sailing to make the system more efficient. Solar panels can also be connected to the system.

The onboard system can be connected to a land terminal for recharging even with limited or low shore power or varying frequency (eg 60Hz).

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