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New products from Great Circle Marine provide vital assistance in emergency situations at sea.

Marine safety specialists, Great Circle Marine, have released a range of new products under its Aironaut and Yockan brands designed to provide fast, effective assistance in the event of a crew member going overboard at sea.

Aironaut safety inflatable products include a range of lifejackets, rescue slings and dan buoys, all made to the highest quality standards. Yockan marine electronic products include AIS enhanced navigation displays, AIS MOB beacons and trackers, and other innovative electronic products.

Aironaut Rescue Sling

The Aironaut Rescue Sling brings together all the benefits of a traditional rescue sling for people who are in the water as well as the means to pull them back onboard. It is available in either a convenient soft case or a waterproof rail-mounted container. Because of its initial compact size, the device can be quickly dispatched towards a crew member overboard to effect a rescue.

On release from its stowage case, the hand-sized rescue sling pack can be dropped directly into the water below or it can be thrown with high accuracy in the direction of the crew member overboard. Within a few seconds of contact with the water, it will deploy automatically and assume its full form sling shape.

The sling remains connected to the vessel with 30 metres of high contrast buoyant line to assist in recovering the crew member. The load rated harness provides further support if lifting tackle needs to be engaged. Features of the Aironaut Rescue Sling and buoyancy aid include:

  • Webbing harness to aid lifting tackle recovery

  • 30 metres of high contrast buoyant recovery line

  • Gas cylinder window shows operational status at a glance

  • Waterproof, UV resistant ABS stowage case with quick release latch or soft stowage case option

  • Two-year warranty

  • RRP $225 (soft case), $265 (hard case)

Aironaut Dan Buoy

The Aironaut Dan Buoy brings together the benefits of a traditional dan buoy marker with a life ring buoyancy aid in a single compact and convenient waterproof case. This provides an important safety enhancement to crew members on a wide range of vessels, either sail or power, by combining in-water assistance and a recovery reference point during both daylight and night.

On release from its stowage case, the Dan Buoy can be allowed to drop directly into the seawater below or be thrown in the direction of the crew member overboard. Within a few seconds of contact with the water, it will deploy automatically, its tower standing two metres tall above the water’s surface, providing a highly visible rescue reference point.

The device’s design ensures that its release and deployment are as simple and straightforward as possible so as to quickly identify the victim’s location, while its integrated life ring provides reassuring buoyancy to the victim in distress.
Features of the Aironaut Dan Buoy with life ring buoyancy aid include:

  • Lifting harness to aid recovery

  • Automatic locator light

  • Retro reflective panels

  • Sea anchor to lessen drift

  • Ballast pack to aid stability

  • AIS locator beacon option

  • Gas cylinder window shows operational status at a glance

  • Waterproof case with quick release latch (ensures device will not prematurely deploy in damp environment)

  • Two-year warranty

  • RRP $385

Yockan Safe Circle AIS MOB

The Yockan Safe Circle AIS MOB is a personal safety device equipped with the latest AIS technology that is unobtrusive to wear, lightweight and easy to operate. It is designed to be carried by all crew members or fitted to their lifejackets.

In the event of an MOB incident, the beacon’s AIS technology provides accurate latitude and longitude position information on the vessel’s AIS enabled chart plotter, radar or display. Derived distance and bearing to the man overboard can assist in a quick recovery by providing a course to steer for any rescue vessel.

Each unit is encoded with a unique serialised ID to ensure all crew are identified and accounted for. To further assist in recovery, it also features an ultra-bright LED beacon and buzzer.

Features include:

  • Provides accurate position information to assist fast recovery during a man overboard incident

  • Fully compatible with AIS enabled devices

  • Low profile and lightweight for unobtrusive mounting on life jackets

  • Automatic operation possible when correctly fitted to inflatable life jackets

  • Unique serialised beacon identification

  • Minimum 24 hours continuous operation and a seven-year battery storage life

  • Bright flashing LED indicator light and buzzer

  • Three-year warranty

  • RRP $295

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