Nanotechnology is big news for boats

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Nanotechnology comes to boating with LionProtect sealing products.

LionProtect is a range of cleaning and sealing products from ABS Technologies that are based on chemical nanotechnology designed to deliver a high quality, easy-to-maintain finish on boats.

The product range includes different formulations for protecting gelcoat surfaces, a pre-cleaner and a RIB protector.

LionProtect Gelcoat Sealer is suitable for cleaning, polishing and sealing gelcoat and two-pack painted surfaces above and below the waterline. It is designed to restore the lustre of worn and oxidised surfaces with a high-gloss result providing protection throughout the season.

The nanotechnology used in the sealer works by filling the 'pores' of the surface finish, sealing it from further contamination. If the surface is new, the sealer protects and does not remove any material; if the surface is old, dull and oxidised, it removes the old material – even fine scratches – then seals against further damage, all in one step.

The sealer is available in both a 250ml spray bottle and 1 litre pack for larger boats and professional use.

LionProtect Pre Cleaner is a supporting product for use with the sealer designed to remove grease, oil, dirt and marks caused by fenders, water and exhaust. It is applied by spraying on the surface, left to work for a few minutes and then rinsed off with water.

It can be used on rubber, plastic, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and copper. On painted and gel-coat surfaces, it cleans the surface prior to sealing with the Gelcoat Sealer.

The product range also includes LionProtect RIB Restore for cleaning and protection of inflatable boats, vinyl fenders and other soft plastic or rubber surfaces found on the water.

β€œFor the busy yard and detailing professional, the LionProtect range offers a very cost-effective solution in time and outlay, while providing results that will delight clients, and give them just one more reason to return - and to refer their mates,” said David Burnett of ABS Technologies, the local distributors of LionProtect.

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