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The mazu marine app now has enhanced navigation functions featuring Navionics charts. 

According to its designers, mazu can now use Navionics charts on the mazu dashboard for more precise navigation, enhanced weather routing, simplified trip planning and more. Users can choose between NOAA and other raster charts and Navionics' detailed vector charts right in the mazu app.

Navionics charts open directly in mazu. To gain access to Navionics charts from the mazu application, users with an active Navionics subscription in the Navionics Boating application simply register with their Navionics credentials. Navionics charts then open and can be used in the mazu app.

Owner of Australian Marine Wholesale - Australian and New Zealand distributor of mazu, Errol Cain, said working with a leading cartography company like Navionics makes mazu even better and helps Navionics users too.

The mazu app and the mSeries system provide sailors, cruisers, and fishermen with an affordable way to stay connected via satellite wherever they go. Mazu is an iPad app that acts as the user interface and provides a dashboard to access a host of vital functions; global coverage keeps boaters in touch via email and SMS texts; weather is available in a variety of formats including seven-day point forecasts showing wind and wave heights, access to GRIB files, and NEXRAD and NOAA weather alerts, where they are available; SOS -24/7, 365 emergency response is available at the touch of the keypad; navigation includes routes, waypoints, NMEA data, and on-screen tracking now featuring Navionics charts.

Featuring easy, do-it-yourself installation of the mSeries system makes it ideal for boats of all types and sizes. Once the mSeries system is installed and activated users simply launch a browser on any device on board and connect wirelessly to the system. This provides satellite connectivity to both PCs and Macs, Android devices, all types of phones, basically any device with a browser can provide satellite connectivity.

The mazu iPad app including the Navionics integration, can also be used off the boat where other internet sources are available. 

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