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Forward-looking sonar from Garmin now available for more boats.

Marine electronics manufacturer Garmin has released a new Panoptix Forward PS51-TH thru-hull transducer which it says will make the Panoptix technology available to a wider range of boats.

The new transducer can be installed on power and sail hulls with a deadrise up to 25 degrees. Its low-profile installation is designed to withstand speeds up to 45knots with optimal operation at speeds up to 8 knots.

The PS51-TH incorporates Garmin's Panoptix FrontVü forward-looking sonar which displays the bottom up to 300ft (90m) ahead of the boat at 8-10 times the current water depth. This delivers almost instant feedback to skippers about what’s in front of their boat, enabling them to make critical navigation decisions and with the time to react to obstacles by changing course, if needed.

Compatible with a wide range of Garmin chartplotters, FrontVü sonar data can be shared with other chartplotters across the Garmin Marine Network. In addition to showing what lies on the bottom, it provides a digital depth and temperature, eliminating the need for a separate transducer for basic depth information.

The PS51-TH also incorporates LiveVü Forward which shows an image of targets moving toward or away from the boat, even while stationary, in real time. This feature can be used in a split screen with other Panoptix all-seeing sonar views, so boaters can see real-time sonar imagery of what’s around and in front of their boat at video-like speed.

The Panoptix Forward PS51-TH is compatible with the echoMAP CHIRP 75sv and 95sv, the new GPSMAP 752xs/952xs and 1022xsv/1222xsv series, and GPSMAP 8400, 7400, 751xs/820xs/1020xs series.

RRP $2399.


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