Live-streaming hot spots with new FLIR thermal imager

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SPOT potential engine problems with the FLIR AX8 thermal monitoring system.

The latest AX8 thermal monitoring camera from FLIR Marine combines both thermal and visible imaging in a compact, affordable device.

It is designed to integrate with Raymarine multifunction displays (MFDs) and sends audible and visual alerts when the temperature of machine parts rise above pre-set thresholds.

The camera can be installed to stream live thermal video of critical mechanical systems such as engines, exhaust manifolds and shaft bearings in order to alert users to potential issues before they become critical.

To avoid critical breakdowns, specific areas can be programmed to generate automated spot alarms when temperatures exceed pre-set thresholds.

The camera also uses FLIR’s exclusive Multi-Spectral Dynamic (MSX) imaging that blends visible and thermal images for more detailed imagery that is easier to understand.

Up to eight AX8 cameras can be networked via Ethernet. Set-up and alarm programming is via a PC and web browser.

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