To make it fast and easy for installers, distributors and end users to find the exact electrical components needed to complete a job, Hubbell Marine has created a new, comprehensive 56-page online catalogue. Located at, the site works on desktop PCs and mobile devices, and is loaded with unique time-saving and collaboration features.

"Not everyone searches for products the same way," said Joe DiMaria, Hubbell's director of marine marketing and sales. "That's why we added so many ways to find the perfect item with the fewest number of clicks."

The intuitive interface allows users to navigate by flipping pages like a book, and toggles between single and double pane views with thumbnails available. A clickable table of contents is easy to access and a powerful search component allows for catalog number, product name or feature keywords. Each products' spec sheet can be accessed by simply clicking on its SKU.

"We're very excited about the catalogue's collaboration features," continued DiMaria. Using the "Save to Card" feature, pages can be shared, printed or added to a wish list to be revisited later. Comments, notes and questions can be added and the entire marked-up file sent to a colleague via email or social media. Cropping allows for extraction, downloading, printing and/or sharing of pages and products.

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