BLA Trade Talk: Whale pump systems

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Specialist water, waste, bilge and heating systems for modern living.

Whale have been putting safety and reliability first for more than 60 years. With decades of high quality design expertise, their wide product range includes both robust electric and manual pumps, electric heating systems, as well as a full range of high quality accessories.

Whale has led the way in ground-breaking pump design and innovation including their Intelligent Control (IC) electronic pump systems. Whale IC marks a shift away from waste products as a series of independent components to intelligent integrated systems. These systems include a new range of fully integrated systems for both grey and bilge waste.

At the heart of every Whale IC product lies innovative electronic intelligent control units. This intelligent control circuitry works by monitoring changes in the system and controlling pumps to react accordingly.

The IC range includes products that work in bilge and grey water installations.

See Steve Morris introduce the range of Whale pumps.

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