BLA Trade Talk: Minn Kota iPilot calibration

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Learn how to pair and calibrate the Heading Sensor with Minn Kota i-Pilot.

One of the hero features of the new 2017 Minn Kota models is the re-invented Spot-Lock – new hardware and software algorithms combining to create the most accurate GPS anchor ever. One of the key elements is the new Heading Sensor.

The Heading Sensor is a digital compass that recognises changes in the boat’s heading due to wind and current, and communicates with the trolling motor via Bluetooth. It enables the motor to keep track of its actual heading and minimise boat swing for a more accurate and stronger hold.

The Heading Sensor also enables the new Spot-Lock Jog feature, which lets you move (or ‘jog’) your Spot-Lock in five foot increments in any direction you choose.

The Heading Sensor is standard on 2017 i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link Terrovas and Ulterras, and an optional add-on for 2017 i-Pilot Riptide PowerDrives.

Once your new Minn Kota i-Pilot is installed, the Heading Sensor requires pairing and calibrating to the motor.

Watch BLA product manager Shaun Clancy pair and calibrate a Heading Sensor.

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