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Cadmium-free Martyr anodes offer many benefits for boaters and the environment.

Sacrificial anodes are specifically designed to protect those metal parts submerged and exposed in water by sacrificing themselves and wasting away. BLA provides a wide range of quality Martyr anodes including round models to suit propeller shafts and rudders, block models for hull protection, complete kits for stern drives and outboards plus pencil models for diesel applications.

In recognition of our delicate marine environment BLA ranges a variety of pressure die-cast Martyr aluminium (Mil A 24779 SH) anodes. Where traditional zinc anodes use small amounts of Cadmium in the manufacturing process, all Martyr aluminium anodes are completely Cadmium-free, being predominantly made of non-toxic aluminium and Indium.

The Cadmium-free anode offers many benefits and advantages over the traditional zinc type. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the aluminium anode is significantly lighter for the same given volume which can result in fuel savings where large zinc block anodes have previously been used.

Martyr aluminium anodes offer improved performance and efficiency due to their electrical capacity to become sacrificial, being almost twice that of zinc, weight for weight. This electrical advantage results in a longer anode life of up to 50% over zinc whilst providing excellent corrosion protection and benefiting the user by extending time between anode replacement.

Aluminium features and benefits include:

  • Environmentally friendly, Cadmium-free
  • Lighter weight for given volume than traditional zinc
  • Improved efficiency resulting in longer service life
  • Less weight for better fuel efficiency
  • Wide range available including stern drive kits

Tyler Seebach from Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd outlines the benefits of using Martyr aluminium anodes.

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