BLA Trade Talk: Lewmar Swing Retracting Bow Thruster

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BOW thrusters designed for higher performance sailing yachts and fast planning/semi-displacement hulls.

“Lewmar Swing Retracting Bow Thrusters have been designed for applications such as when you have a high performance sailboat or a fine bow boat where it is difficult to install a tunnel,” advises Lewmar brand manager, Steve Morris.

The thrusters are suitable for boats from 9m to 20m and utilise advanced technology allowing the swing thrusters to develop more efficient and increased thrust performance from a lower power input.

The swing thruster’s strong actuators also allow rapid deployment and fine levels of adjustment to create a perfect fit.

“Lewmar swing thrusters come in a range of sizes from 2.2kW in power up to 8kW,” advises Morris.

Steve Morris from BLA demonstrates the Lewmar swing retracting bow thrusters.

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