BLA Trade Talk: Lewmar rope clutch

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Lewmar rope clutch technology grips and releases without rope fraying.

Lewmar continues to define rope clutch technology with a variable geometry handle and unique grip pattern of dominoes that prevent rope fray.

Unlike anything else on the market, Lewmar's non-cam clutch has a series of smooth, in-line and parallel rings hinged at the base. The line is run through these rings which are then tilted by a single connecting lever. When tilted, the rings force the line to snake through them, creating the necessary friction to hold the line securely. When they are allowed to resume their former configuration (the clutch is released), the line straightens and can be eased without alarm if released gradually.

This revolutionary system has been independently tested time and again and has won awards for its innovative framework.

“The rope clutch uses a series of dominos which are stainless plates and give a big advantage over other products in the market,” advises Steve Morris, Lewmar brand manager. “The clutch grabs the rope over a wider area, meaning it’s less likely to damage rope, and also enables you to open the clutch when it’s fully loaded.”

Features include:

  • Domino Cluster and greater holding surface area holds line under load without fraying
  • Controlled Release - pull back handle combined with patented clutch and release mechanism provides controlled release even at full holding load
  • Solid link from handle to Domino Cluster
  • Line size capability from 6mm (1/4 inch) to 14mm (9/16 inch)

Steve Morris introduce the Lewmar range of rope clutches.

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BLA Trade Talk: Lewmar rope clutch

Steve Morris, Lewmar brand manager at BLA, introduces the Lewmar range of rope clutches.

Posted by Marine Business on Monday, 14 March 2016
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