BLA Trade Talk: Carl Jocumsen tournament set-up review

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Check out how pro fisherman Carl Jocumsen sets up his boat for tournament fishing.

This week, we feature an in-depth look at the tournament set-up for long-time Humminbird and Minn Kota user, and Pro Team Member Carl Jocumsen. For the past few years, Carl has fished on the U.S. Bass Tournament circuit in a high stakes and highly competitive environment.

“I compete against the best guys in the world, if one little thing is out, it makes all the difference. I’ve got to be ahead of the game all the time. This year’s boat has by far been the greatest set up boat I’ve ever had,” advises Jocumsen.

The helm

Carl runs 2x HELIX 10 MEGA G2Ns at the helm. On the left one, he runs chart navigation. On the right hand side, Carl runs Side Imaging mostly and switches between Down Imaging and 2D SwitchFire Sonar as well.

“Really with this set-up, I have so much confidence, absolutely nothing gets away from my sight,” exclaims Jocumsen.

The bow

At the business end, Carl runs 2x HELIX 10 MEGA G2Ns as well. All four units are ethernet-linked and integrate with each other, meaning the information he requires is only an arm’s length away.

“A lot of my time is spent adjusting and looking at the mapping, identifying the key areas, and then running Side Imaging and Down Imaging through those areas.

“I am looking for isolated structure, all the time, that other anglers are missing. That makes all the difference.”

Trolling motor

Carl’s set-up also features the Minn Kota Ultrex i-Pilot.

“It’s probably the biggest game-changer I think I’ve ever put on a boat. You’re so far ahead of the game. The Spot-Lock can anchor you in any depth of water, and it’s so accurate.”

The Ultrex has the true feel of a cable steer motor but with all the benefits of electric motors.

Electric anchor spike

The other key piece of equipment that Carl utilises is the Talon spike. He runs 2 x 12 foot Talons at the back.

“This is my first year of running Talons. I’m very impressed with their speed, the quietness of them, their ease of use, and their reliability.”

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