BLA Trade Talk: Cannon downriggers

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Get your bait to the fish and keep it there with Cannon downriggers.

Controlled depth fishing lets you get your lure or bait where the fish are, and keep it there. Cannon downriggers are designed to make the whole process as effortless as possible, so your customers can spend more time fishing.

A downrigger is similar to an outrigger in that it places your bait where you want it away from the other baits or lures. An outrigger lifts your bait up to the surface and moves it out of the bubble trail created by your propeller and into clearer water. A downrigger simply drops your bait down into the water column to a depth of your choice and, as with an outrigger, when a fish grabs the lure or bait your line pulls out of the release clip and you are thus able to fight your fish weight-free and unhindered.

In essence it is a very simple method of fishing yet it is often construed as being something that is very complicated.

Whether your customers are trolling open water for mackerel or pulling snapper off structure, a Cannon downrigger instantly gives them controlled depth and more accurately positioned bait presentation. No matter what species they’re after, fish have nowhere to hide.


  • The fastest retrieval speed in the industry: retrieve your Cannon ball weight at a staggering 76.2m per minute – because when the fish hit, you can’t be caught waiting.
  • Redesigned to take anything you can dish out: a one-piece solid composite frame, reinforced and fully-enclosed circuit boards, brass drive gears that prevent overrun, and watertight construction deliver every ounce of power and reassurance you need.
  • Intuitive design works with you, not against you: ergonomically designed to help you catch more fish. With easy spool access for quick line changes, dual axis adjustable rod holders, intuitive keypad controls (on select electric models), a new 180º boom end, and easy access to switches, plugs and mounting nuts, you can spend more time fishing and less time rigging.

Cannon downriggers are available in electric or manual versions with a variety of exclusive Cannon technologies.

For more information, contact your BLA Territory Manager.

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