Yanmar returns to diesel outboards with Neander Shark

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Outboard partners: Floris Lettinga, YMI global sales manager, and Lutz W. Lester, managing director Neander Shark.
Outboard partners: Floris Lettinga, YMI global sales manager, and Lutz W. Lester, managing director Neander Shark.

WORLDWIDE distribution of Neander Shark diesel outboards via Yanmar dealers.

Marking its return to the diesel outboard market, Yanmar Marine International (YMI) has signed an exclusive distribution deal with German outboard manufacturer, Neander Shark.

As a result, Yanmar will distribute Neander Shark outboards worldwide through its dealer network with access to more than 130 countries.

Yanmar previously manufactured three-cylinder diesel outboards rated at 27 and 36hp from 1985 to 2009, but ceased when EPA and EU RCD emissions regulations restricted sales in key markets.

“With the global economic downturn in full swing, Yanmar decided at that time not to invest in the outboard range even though it had been highly successful in many markets,” explained Floris Lettinga, YMI global sales manager. “Now, however, with Neander Shark we can offer a highly-competitive outboard product with outstanding engineering.”

The Neander Shark outboard develops 50hp using a small 800cm³ turbocharged, twin cylinder diesel aluminium engine with common-rail fuel injection and dual counter-rotating crankshaft.

"This means that the outboard is not only light, powerful, clean and fuel-efficient, it is also remarkably smooth in operation as the two crankshafts counterbalance each other and cancel out most of the vibration that a conventional inline two-cylinder diesel block could be expected to produce," said Lettinga. “Therefore the outboard can be easily operated at the tiller as well as from a helm.

“The lack of vibrations and low noise level are remarkable, improving operation comfort yet delivering impressive performance.”

Prime applications for the Neander Shark outboard will be in the commercial offshore, military, fishing, rescue and charter-marine sectors. Yanmar said it will also be perfect for tender boats on large yachts storing diesel fuel only.

“The partnership with Yanmar is the very best situation for Neander to launch the turbo diesel outboard engine because the commercial market, in particular, demands a reliable partner for delivery, service and spare parts,” said Lutz W. Lester, managing director of Neander Shark and CEO of Neander Motors. “Yanmar's long-standing global experience and strong position in the marine world completely fulfil those requirements, just as Neander fulfils the technical demands such as powerful performance, reliability, operational safety, durability, low fuel consumption and lowest vibrations.”

As part of the new distribution agreement, Yanmar has taken an equity stake in Neander Motors, the company that wholly owns Neander Shark.

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