IS it a boat, or is it a helicopter? It's actually a boat with a helicopter inspired design. Read below from the company's website and check out the video to see it in action.


The HeliCat 22 is a highPerformance two-person catamaran - great for stable and safe, fun, fast, economical and practical water travel, island transport, fishing far away, or day charter/rental.
Wrap her with your company logo & photos for eye-catching and fun advertising on and off the water. Open air feel and thrill like a motorcycle but without the traffic danger! Goes 20-30 mph in whitecap waves at 5 mpg - not possible in other boats.

The new design makes this cool-looking, lightweight, stable and agile catamaran safe in rough seas, and a lot of fun with good fuel economy and low maintenance. She corners flat like a rocket on a rail. She is virtually unsinkable due to a combination of positive foam flotation and separate watertight compartments.

At speeds from 20-40, she burns only 4-10 gph, getting 5 to 3.5 miles per gallon, which is unusually good for a boat that can handle rough water. Combined with her stability, it makes commuting on the water reasonably economical.

She has been tested in whitecap waves under the Narrows bridge and found to be very stable and relatively smooth at 30 mph - see videos. Prototype boat's top speed about 40 mph with twin 60hp Mercury four stroke EFI motors. To be tested late March with twin Yamaha 70 hp and expecting nearly 50 mph. US produced version coming in June-July will be at least 400 lbs lighter and hence faster.

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