TELWATER officially announced news of its new range of Vortex outboard engines at a dealer conference in Queensland last week.

Marine Business caught up with Telwater director of marketing and sales Damien Duncan during the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show to find out what was behind the company's decision.

Telwater's new range of engines will be sold as packages across all of the company's brands throughout its dealer network.

The Chinese built outboards come from Genovo Power, which also specialise in manufacturing generators, water pumps, engines, and power washers. Genovo Power also produce several well-known Chinese-built outboards available in Australia. The Vortex range will be available in 2.5 hp to 40 hp two-stroke variations and 15 hp to 25 hp in four-stroke. Duncan said there is potential for introducing more powerful model outboards as they become available in the future.

Duncan told Marine Business that Telwater's decision was based on keeping the company's boat packages competitive against the influx of Chinese and US imports into this country and to keep jobs within Australia.

He said the announcement received a mixed, yet overall positive response by dealers during the conference, and was confident the product will perform well, achieve more sales, and help maintain employmemt in the Australian marine industry.

A senior spokesman for Mercury Marine told Marine Business: "Telwater has to do what's good for Telwater. We'll be watching this development with great interest."

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