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Clipper Yachts with Coppercoat protected hulls are lifted to reveal... almost nothing.

See the hull of the Clipper Yacht Dare To Lead
after lifting, prior to cleaning.


It was about a year ago that Marine Business had the opportunity to spend some time on board one of the yachts taking part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race while the fleet was visiting Sydney. The day out was organised by Coppercoat, the official supplier of anti-foul to the Clipper fleet, and hosted by the local distributor ABS Technologies.

One of the reasons why Coppercoat was chosen for the 2017-18 race was that it meant the yachts did not have to be lifted in Sydney for cleaning, resulting in substantial savings in time and money for Clipper Race organisers and crews alike - and more time to entertain the media.

Back home and with the race now run, the boats have been lifted after their 40,000 nautical mile journey and 16 months in the water to reveal the results of the Coppercoat protection. This showed almost no loss of coating thickness and, barring a trace of slime at the waterline in some parts, hulls which were virtually spotless.

“This enormously successful outcome understandably delighted us, the crews and the race organisers in equal measure,” said Coppercoat director Ewan Clark, “and we are reviewing our partnership with Clipper for the 2019-2020 event. Look no further for a clear vindication of Coppercoat's efficiency and longevity.”

Coppercoat said the results are in contrast with recent testimony received from sailors involved in other global circumnavigations who reported that the anti-fouling coatings used on their boat hulls lasted for less than six months. By this point, barnacle growth on the hulls was so advanced it was estimated to be responsible for a 0.5 to 1 knot reduction in boat speed for every hour sailed.

“How the yachts perform is critical, not only to racing success, but also to the planning and logistics of a race on this scale,” said Clipper Race director, Mark Light. “Coppercoat has surpassed our expectations, and as our preparations commence for the 2019-20 edition we have every confidence that Coppercoat will allow superb performance of our race yachts for many circumnavigations to come.”

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