Sea Hawk launches anti-foul promo

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Film documentary tells story of 10-day project to anti-foul sailing superyacht.

While anti-fouling may not seem like the most glamorous of topics, a new documentary from Sea Hawk Paints in the US seeks to convey the passion and hard work involved in recoating the hull of a luxury sailing superyacht.

The six-minute film covers the 10-day project to anti-foul the hull of the superyacht Adix at the Newport Shipyard in the US. According to Sea Hawk Paints, the documentary, entiltled The Adix, A Sea Hawk Story, aims to give viewers “the sense of passion the boat’s owner and his long-time skipper, Captain Paul Goss have for their luxury superyacht and their quest to continuously enhance its performance”.

As a family company, we’ve worked hard over the past three decades to produce the finest anti-fouling systems in the world,” said Erik Norrie, Sea Hawk’s CEO. “To be part of an iconic yacht like Adix that embodies the timeless tradition of sailing is really something special.”

Check out the Sea Hawk Paint documentary about anti-fouling the Adix.

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