Sam Allen takes on Monster Tower

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Universal wakeboarding tower offers after-market solution for boat owners.

Sam Allen Wholesale has been appointed the Australian distributor for the Monster Tower range of wakeboarding towers and accessories.

Monster Tower was established in 2002 to meet a demand for after-market wakeboarding solutions. Previously if a wakeboarder wanted a tower on their boat, they effectively had to buy a boat with one already fitted.

The team of wakeboarding enthusiasts at Monster Tower set out to design and build their own universal tower. The brief was that the tower should elevate the towrope, demonstrate solid performance, universally fit an array of boats, and be affordable. They solicited input from both professional wakeboarders and boat dealers alike to ensure optimal performance with easy, reliable, rattle free installation.

The original Monster Tower was a big success and the company has gone on to develop more towers and wakeboarding accessories offering the same formula of durable, easy-to-assemble products at an affordable price.

All Monster Towers feature 2.5” diameter polished and anodised tubing, designed to deliver solid pulls and be completely silent/ rattle free over years of use.

Monster Tower stock is expected to land with Sam Allen in March. 

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