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Marketing opportunities for marine industry via bi-monthly magazine.

The October-November issue of the Nautilus Marine Insurance magazine is out now and has been receiving positive feedback from the company's policyholders and subscribers.

Previously available as an online publication, the magazine went into print in the middle of this year and is now available as a 100-page perfect-bound publication featuring a mix of sail and powerboat articles as well lifestyle features, news and reviews.

Our readers have told us they really enjoy the content, a great mix of technical articles, as well as aspirational articles,” said Lyndon Turner, Nautilus Marine Insurance CEO. “Advertisers and product managers have enjoyed the competitive pricing, and the mix of profile opportunities they are getting to our client base and readership.”

As well as providing informative articles from boating experts, the magazine also offers an opportunity for industry members to promote their products and services to a dedicated boating audience.

For more information about advertising in the Nautilus Marine magazine, contact Alex Ross on 0418 400 077 or email

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