NSW boaters on their best behaviour

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Safety checks record nearly 90% compliance among boaters.

Boaters in NSW have been on their best behavior over summer so far, according to NSW Roads and Maritime Services, with its recent on-water safety campaign revealing that almost 90% of boaters were obeying the rules.

Boating Safety Officers (BSO) in conjunction with NSW Police Marine Area Command inspected 1875 vessels during the recent campaign held over two weekends, including 295 PWCs. As a result, 73 penalty notices were issued for a variety of offences. Officers also conducted 146 random breath tests with only two people found to be over the limit.

“It was pleasing to see that during the operation nearly all boaters were wearing lifejackets and were compliant with safety regulations,” said Angus Mitchell, executive director, NSW Maritime.

“The high compliance rate demonstrates how our safety messages are getting through to boaters.

“These types of operations are conducted regularly to make sure people are enjoying their time on the water without having to fear for their personal safety.

“NSW has some of the most beautiful waterways in the country and we want people to enjoy their time on the water but we want them to do so safely,” he said.


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