Maritimo's year of the big boat

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Increasing interest from buyers in $2.5 million plus market says Aussie builder.

Local luxury boat builder is celebrating a busy end to a year during which it has seen a significant lift in the number of sales of its largest multi-million dollar models.

The company launched the M64 model at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May this year with a base price of $2.592 million and is planning to introduce the new S70 sedan in May next year which comes with a base price of around $2.965 million.

Meanwhile, the company reports that the M70 cruising motor yacht, launched in December 2014, has remained popular with 12 sold to date to owners from the USA, Fiji, France and Singapore. The base price for the M70 is $3.037 million.

Maritimo's international sales and marketing manager, Greg Haines, said the number of large motor yachts sold in 2016 had increased from the previous year.

“The M70 cruising motor yacht has been one of our best models, but the new M64, released just before Sanctuary Cove this year, has also attracted a lot of interest and eight M64s have now been sold,” he said.

"Overall Maritimo has had a very strong year and sales are up.

"Staff numbers have also risen considerably in the past year in line with increased demand for our product, and there is a continual focus to train and develop our people to continue the high standard of workmanship.

“The larger boats in our model range are gaining a worldwide reputation for their overall volume, the luxuriousness of the finishes, their sea worthiness and their fuel efficiency.

"We recently had an M64 travel from the Gold Coast to New Zealand under its own steam, on a journey involving 138 hours at sea and the boat never missed a beat. It is this sort of performance that is seeing the brand shine internationally.”

Haines said Maritimo's international dealer partner network is continuing to grow and that this is underpinning the overall success of the company.

“Our European dealer partner, Spencer Ship Monaco, has grown considerably with multiple sales to date,” he said. “We have also just appointed a new dealer partner in Sri Lanka and our existing dealer partners in the USA, Singapore, Canada and South America are all performing well.”

Dealer partners are currently being negotiated for the east coast of Canada, the Great Lakes region and other parts of South America, India and the UAE.

In full production

Phil Candler, Maritimo's general manager – operations, said the company is increasing production to meet customer demand with forward orders across the entire range.

“Our factory is in full production and, as an example, we have three M59s that have to be delivered before Christmas and the S70 has to be ready for Sanctuary Cove in May,” he said.

Also in 2017, a new S59 model is set to be released at the Sydney International Boat Show in August while the Elandra range which was acquired earlier this year will also be rebranded.

The S70 cruising motor yacht currently in build at Maritimo and due for its international launch at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in 2017.

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