Local dealers wanted for Torqeedo electric outboards

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The Torqeedo Ultralight electric outboard suitable for kayaks.
The Torqeedo Ultralight electric outboard suitable for kayaks.

German-made electric outboards pitched as clean alternative to two-stoke engines.

Sales of the Torqeedo electric outboard range are poised to ramp up with local distributors, Power Equipment, looking to set up a dealer network in Australia and New Zealand.

The company, best-known as the distributors of Yanmar Diesel engines, has appointed Tim Davies to establish the network. Davies previously worked with Honda in Australia setting up its four-stroke outboard marine network.

Torqeedo outboards are manufactured in Germany and are marketed as offering boaters a clean, quiet and virtually maintenance-free outboard option. With the introduction of outboard emissions standards expected some time in the future, Power Equipment is positioning Torqeedo to fill a market gap left by smaller two-stroke engines.

“It’s like the next advancement to the four-stroke outboard taking the environmental challenge more seriously,” said Tim Davies. “The Torqeedo outboard range currently extends from the Ultralight 1hp equivalent right up to the Deep Blue range capable of producing 80hp.

“Whilst the main market in Australia will be with the Travel models capable of producing 1.5 and 3hp equivalent and the Cruise models, 5 and 8hp equivalent, suitable for tenders, small aluminium boats and yachts, the canoe and kayak market will welcome the compact Ultralight model that literally bolts onto the back of the craft.”

Davies said that advances in lithium battery technology matched to high efficiency electric engines can deliver a lightweight outboard solution with a range of up to 10 hours.

The Torqeedo Travel model can deliver up to 10 hours usage.
The Torqeedo Travel model can deliver up to 10 hours usage.

“Torqeedo electric outboards offer the same horsepower in a lighter package than current two strokes, much lighter when you add in the weight of a tote tank and fuel.

“Take the Travel 1003 model, a 3hp outboard equivalent at just 13kg including a battery that delivers up to 10 hours of travel… all with zero emissions.

“German-made Torqeedo outboards are a serious option for a range of boating needs and a must-have for tenders, eco-tourism resorts and governments,” he added.

The Torqeedo outboard range will be re-launched to the public at key boat shows later this year commencing in Melbourne in June. To find out more, contact Tim Davies on 0417 566 416 or Jason Hodder on 0418 593 268, or email jason.hodder@powerequipment.com.au.

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