Gold Coast boat shows: poll results

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Reader poll gives decisive verdict on staging of Gold Coast shows.

Last week we asked for your opinion on the best way forward for the two Gold Coast boat shows.

The short poll gave three options as to how you would like to see the events staged in future:

  • Stay the same – both events run at the same time as entirely separate events
  • Run at different times of the year – for example SCIBS in May and Expo in October
  • Both run at the same time but as a co-ordinated “boating festival” with transport and ticketing options for the general public.

In total we received 150 replies out of which only 3.33% favoured keeping the current scheduling arrangements.

The vast majority by far – 66.67% - would like to see the timing revert to how it was previously with both events running at different times of the year, while 30% of respondents would like to see the shows running as co-ordinated events with shared ticketing and transportation arrangements.

Two years after the shows were first staged in parallel, it is clear that support for the current arrangements remains at a very low level and that many people in the industry would like to see a return to a dual staging of the shows at different times.

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