FLIR to fit-out US Coast Guard

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Five year US$50 million contract for electronics on 2,000 vessels.

US electronics manufacturer FLIR Systems recently announced that it has been awarded a US$50 million contract to provide marine electronics systems to the US Coast Guard.

Under the US Coast Guard’s Scalable Integrated Navigation Systems 2 (SINS-2) program, FLIR will provide electronics systems as a standard fit on over 2,000 US Coast Guard vessels, ranging from small-class boats through large cutter-class vessels. Theindefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract is for a five-year period with the option to extend delivery for an additional five years.

The systems to be installed include Raymarine multi-function navigation displays, radars, sonars, remote instrument displays, and autopilots. All of the components will be integrated with the Raymarine Lighthouse operating system for simple operation, single-point upgradeability, and will include advanced features specifically developed for the US Coast Guard.

To support the US Coast Guard’s search and rescue mission, the operating system will offer pre-programmed search and rescue (SAR) patterns, allowing the operators to more effectively execute coordinated multi-vessel SAR operations. The LightHouse based SINS-2 system will also feature advanced graphical target intercept tools and encrypted communications designed to increase safety, ensure situational awareness, and enhance mission success rates.

The SINS-2 product will also be integrated with existing FLIR M-Series and SeaFLIR thermal imaging cameras currently in use by many US Coast Guard boats and cutters. This will help to streamline configuration management, installation and crew readiness while improving overall efficiency.

“We are very pleased to have been chosen by the US Coast Guard as their supplier for the next generation of advanced situational awareness and marine navigation equipment,” said Andy Teich, president and CEO of FLIR.

“Produced under our unique Commercially Developed – Military Qualified model, the FLIR SINS-2 product suite offers powerful functionality, proven reliability, and simple operation, leveraging the strengths of both our FLIR and Raymarine product lines.

“Enhancing safety and situational awareness is at the heart of what we do every day at FLIR. We look forward to continuing our successful long-standing relationship with the US Coast Guard in supporting their important lifesaving and homeland security missions.”

FLIR’s Maritime segment will commence delivery of SINS-2 marine electronics within the next three months.

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