Coomera boost with new dredge facility

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Queensland government says new facility will be ready by end of year.

The Queensland government has signed off on the contract for the construction of a new $3 million dredge facility on the Gold Coast, opening the way for larger vessels to access the Coomera marine precinct.

The Coomera Dredged Sediment Management Facility (CDSMF) will take sediment from a 14 kilometre stretch of the Coomera River and process the material for use across the Gold Coast. The contract for the construction and operation of the facility was awarded to a local company, Synergy Resource Management.

Acting Ports Minister Steven Miles said the construction of the CRDSMF, the first of its kind on the Gold Coast, will give a boost the local marine industry by delivering certainty of access and safe navigation on the Coomera River.

“The Gold Coast Marine Precinct at Coomera is home to more than 100 businesses employing 2,500 people. As well as being an important ongoing provider of jobs for Queenslanders, this project will help minimise potential environmental impacts by managing the fine, silty mud sediment found in the upper sections of the Coomera River that is not suitable for riverbank or beach replenishment.

“For many years the Coomera River could not be dredged in certain parts because of a lack of a cost effective and environmentally sound solution for disposal of the sediment.

“This is a long-term, cost effective solution that will be available for use by organisations that undertake dredging in the area including Gold Coast Waterways Authority, City of Gold Coast, local industry and private residential estates.”

Gold Coast Waterways Authority chair, Mara Bún, said the facility's construction phase is due to begin in the coming weeks.

“We are expecting the facility to be completed and ready for use by the end of the year,” she said. “Then we can get on with the next important step of improving navigational access through our targeted dredging program.

“All stakeholders share a common interest in ensuring safe navigational access and flood management to ensure public safety and amenity on the Gold Coast and its many waterways.”

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