Australian Maritime College offers maritime management degrees

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The Australian Maritime College at the University of Tasmania is offering two new logistics and maritime management degrees in 2018. 

AMC is the only Australian higher education institution offering maritime business degrees, and will introduce two new programs next year – the Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management (Honours) and the Master of Logistics Management (Advanced).

Interim Head, Department of Maritime and Logistics Management, Dr Peggy Chen said that logistics was the key to international trade and the new degrees would help support the developing needs of this important sector.

"We are very excited to see these two degrees offered to keep our advantage in providing unique undergraduate degrees with two cores - global logistics and maritime management, and to provide specialised logistics management at master level," Dr Chen said.

The Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management (Honours) is a four-year program designed to prepare students for management careers in the focused maritime and logistics industry.

The course is unique because it combines core business principles, such as accounting and finance, business law, International business management, and strategic management, with learning specific to the maritime and logistics industry such as port and terminal management, ship operations management, maritime economics, logistics management and supply chain management.

Dr Chen said the decision to offer the new courses now is deliberate, designed to reflect industry needs and capitalise on the demand for specialists.

“AMC was among the first to observe that traditional shipping companies suddenly transformed into more of logistics service providers, because this was where the demand was and continues to be. The maritime and logistics industries underpin international business and world trade,” she said.

The Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management (Honours) will replace the Bachelor of Business (Maritime and Logistics Management), which Dr Chen says has reflected industry needs for more than a decade.

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