The boat was so smooth in a 5 to 10 knot wind and at 40knots cruising, we could still talk normally around the cockpit with just a beautiful smooth engine sound in the background.

Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst said the great acceptance of Riviera motor yachts at these two recent shows was a true credit to the hundreds of highly-skilled men and women who take so much pride in creating beautiful boats.

Exploring the harshest and most beautiful parts of Australia for more than a decade, Jase Andrews and the All 4 Adventure team have built a legion of fans by continually pushing the boundaries of where they can go and what they can do.

The stacker joins a range of quality on-site marine services, including full-service maintenance management, refit repair sheds, 70-tonne travel lift, hard stand, work berths and trailer storage.

To date there have been only nine successful passages by superyacht, and five of these were made on yachts designed by Vripack.

Louise and Matthew Baxter first discovered Moonen Yachts whilst sailing on Pittwater harbour in Sydney where they came across the Moonen yacht, Aurora (Moonen 84).

The move will mean more efficient production and expanded footprint.

The judge is restricting the trial to issues surrounding the insurance claim for the boat and not larger questions about the disappearance of Carman’s mother or the murder of his grandfather, where Carman remains a person of interest.

Boat owners are reminded of their responsibilities on the eve of the NSW Government stepping in to remove an 11 metre derelict boat dumped on an emergency mooring at Camden Haven.

The yacht was sailing at 15 knots in a depth where the speed is limited to just five.

Grainger was a gentleman and Captain of Industry who oversaw the operations of the Outboard Marine Corporation and more recently Polycraft Boats.

The proposed rule would prohibit irregular riding of personal watercrafts in Shared Zones, and would require PWC operators to navigate the vessel in a direct line through Shared Zones.

Chris Gibbs from Oceanmax and Jason Mitchell. CEO from All Marine Spares talk about Propseed and Maddox Anodes at SIBS 2019.

The signage will be operational 24/7 during the trial and is used as an educational speed indicator only. It will not be used to issue speeding fines.

The discount can be redeemed against any 12-month Pacific Boating membership, which start from as little as $250 per week.

Forster 20, a 6.8 metre Ocean Cylinder, gives MR Forster-Tuncurry greater operational flexibility, responding to emergencies on Wallis Lake and up to seven nautical miles offshore, with a crew of four.