The aim of the workshop is to identify, promote and develop effective and practical biofouling management strategies that will ensure maritime industries can continue to underpin economic development with minimal environmental impact.

Total visitors for 2019 were 60,149, an increase of 396 people across the five days of the show, compared to 2018.

As BRP’s third boat acquisition, Telwater’s addition to the Marine Group is another step in helping BRP to expand into new markets with the objective of transforming the marine industry as it did for powersports.

On display will be well cared-for vessels from designers such as Gérman Frers, Ed Dubois, Norman Wright and Reichel Pugh.

The Oceanmax product line consists of Propspeed, its industry-leading foul-release system for propellers and running gear, as well as its transparent foul-release coating specifically formulated for underwater lights, Lightspeed.

The recent acquisition of three new marina properties (Horizon Shores, Port of Airlie and Martha Cove) brings the d’Albora stable to 10 marinas across the eastern seaboard.

The Venture Group will give Brunswick Boat Group the opportunity to leverage the capabilities and best practices from all key functions of the group.

The applications window will remain open for two months until 24 September.

Together with Stan LeNepveu, Ron was the “Ron” in Ronstan.

Open to anyone who works for a company that utilises the Port of Newcastle, it encourages people employed in the maritime industry to further their education at TAFE NSW and participate in professional development.

The Dufour 390 Grand Large and the Dufour 430 Grand Large will both be on debut.

Three yachts have already booked in for re-fits, all of them first-timers to the yard.

The show, being one of the largest recreational boat shows in Queensland, fills more than 20,000 square metres of floor space across four halls at the South Bank venue.

Headquartered in Opa Locka, Florida, Invincible manufactures and sells high-performance semi-custom saltwater fishing boats.

The USA, Poland, Taiwan and Tonga are just some of the many international exhibitors at this year's show.