Boating industry members with an interest in bio-fouling management should note the fourth ANZPAC bio-fouling workshop will held 1-4 October in Melbourne. The aim of the workshop is to identify, promote and develop effective and practical biofouling management strategies that will ensure shipping and other maritime industries can continue to underpin trade, security and economic development with minimal environmental impact.

The themes for the 2019 workshop will include: regulations & requirements (biosecurity/antifouling), regional and organisation perspectives on marine bioinvasions, biofouling & vessel efficiency, biofouling management, in-water cleaning (methods & management), invasive & non-indigenous species risks, and domestic & small vessels (risks and management).

Workshop session streams will include recreational boating, vessel cleaning and maintenance, and marinas and boatyard management of bio-fouling products and processes. More information is available here.


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